Custom Motorcycle Builders UK

Bike Customization is witnessing an upward trends everywhere in the world and in United Kingdom  there are several custom motorcycle builders who can give your bike a stylish look. We have curated the best known Custom builders in UK so that you it will be easy for you to know them and can contact them if you are thinking for giving your bike a new look.

1. Auto Fabrica

First on our list is Auto Fabrica. They started their workshop in 2013.Since then they have build 11 custom bikes. And their latest work was commissioned by Yamaha. In small time they have achieve world wide recognition through their dedicate designs and work. At Autofabrica all the work from sketching to the building bike is carried with upmost dedication. Their workshop is located in London.
Auto Fabrica Type 11

2. Death Machines Of London

DMOL is one of its kind of bike customizers in world. When you look at their work you will clearly understand why we have put their name into this list. Their approach in designing is unmatchable. Their better known works are Airforce, Up Yours Copper and Airtail. They are also London Based.

uyc by death machines of london

3. Sinroja Motorcycles

Third in the List is Sinroja Motorcycles. Their past works have been commission by Royal Enfield and TW Steels. They started their workshop in 2015 and now have become a known name in the World of Bike Customization. Their famous works include recently done on BMW Rnine T Moksha and Royal Enfield Gentleman Brat.

4. Down and Out Cafe Racers

Down and out Cafe Racers are based in outskirts of Sheffields. Its founder Shaun Walker who has 15 years of experience in Bike building. They have build some of the best BMW and Triumph Scramblers till date. They can build bikes from the scratch or can customised the donor bikes.

5. Debolex Engineering

Debolex Engineering Co is one of the famous custom bike builders in Europe. Their building process is similar to to 50s era where stock parts are removed and aluminium parts are used for improved performances. It is found by Calum Pryce Tidd. Later on Des Frances joined to crew.They have worked upon more than 10 bikes till now. There famous works includes Buell XB9 1/1, Scrambler Ducati 1100.

6. Old Empire Motorcycles

Old empire motorcycles is British workshop. They have been awarded with various prestigious awards for their builds. They have build various bike in collaboration with motorcycle companies. Their known works includes The Triumph and the Typhoon.

7. Kevil's Speed Shop

Kevils Spped shop is one of the known custom bike modification shop in UK. It is founded by Kevin Hill. They also featured as 2nd best bike modifier in UK in 2017 by Autotrader Magazine. There are 9 members in the team who work delicately in making a perfect bespoke motorcycle.

8. Untitled Motorcycles

Untitled motorcycles was founded in 2010 by Rex and Adam. They have two modification garage one in London and other is in San Francisco. They build bikes for the everyday use sticking to the individuality of owner. They have build more than 20 bikes. Gambler and Hardass are some of their famous works.

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