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TOMA is a Brussels-based custom workshop. They transform, customize and handbuild motorcycles to create unique and personalized machines.

Their artistic approach strives to extract the best potential of each bike and match the vision of their future owner’s. They aim to create unique, one-of-a-kind machines, with a clean and efficient style.
Our work mainly focuses on tracker, scrambler, and bratstyle projects.

Customizing goes hand in hand with transforming to them. They do not only modify bikes they give them a new life, a new look.

They always work starting with an older, existing base and then begin adding new parts (tanks, wheels, handlebars, lights). Given the complexity of certain projects, we often create and adapt some of these parts ourselves, especially when they’re metal.

Before even starting, he spend a lot of time with the future-owners to see where they come from, what their interests are, where and how they grew up, their tastes, what they’ve been doing in life etc. All these elements, along with a ton of aesthetic and artistic research, allow to create the motorcycle of their dreams.  

Highlights of Toma Customs

NameToma Customs
OwnerThomas Jeukens
Total Bikes Modified15 Bikes
SpecialityBespoke Bikes
Famous BikesXT600, Suzuki Vanvan

Bikes by Toma Customs

1. Yamaha XT600 Scrambler 

Clean and neat modification done on Yamaha XT600. Kawasaki 500 tank is used and painted in white. Custom front and rear fenders, new retro styled headlights. Read More 

Modified Yamaha XT600 into Scrambler by Toma Customs

Toma Customs Contact

Location : Brussels, Belgium
Phone: +32 479351638

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