Elemental Custom Cycles BMW R80 Cafe Racer

Today we are featuring BMW R80 build by Elemental Custom Cycles From Germany. This bike is surely a head turner. This bike was build for their customer Andi.

Elemental Custom Cycles BMW R80 Cafe Racer

For the modification they stripped down the bike and rip off all the unnecessary parts. After that they designed a new rear frame, which also lifts the tank. The rear fairing is designed to capture the lines of the stock tank and was also produced in house. They dropped the top triple clamp and designed a full aluminium part to fit a Motoscope Mini and the status lights. The plastic gas cap was replaced by a Monza style one that was tig welded to the tank. The electronics are all new with a M Unit as central control unit. The Indicators came from Motogadget too, with M Blaze Disc in the front and M Blaze pins in the back. The LED tail light is integrated in the rear fairing. For the front ECC used a Highsider LED light. All functions are controlled with Motogadget M Switch units. The ignition lock is a M lock.

Elemental Custom Cycles BMW R80 Cafe Racer

The chassis was completely rebuild. The front is lowered by 50mm with wielbers springs. The rear suspension came from Yss. The front brake rotors were replaced by Brembo discs, with a Brembo radial brake cylinder and stainless steel brake hoses. To keep the clean and technical look, they used ABM brake and clutch levers and a cnc machined brake fluid reservoir. One of the hardest parts were the rims. Andi wanted a pair of spoke rims, with a wider tire in the back. It tooks them several weeks to get the right dimensions and a few more to find someone who was able to build them. The bike now has 17 inch rims in the front with a 120mm tire and a 17inch rims with a 150mm tire in the back, which is, paired with the stock monolver swing arm, pretty rare.

It took four weeks and at least 40 drafts till they found the right style. The basic color is an Audi Daytona grey metallic with teal accents and 7 layers of clear coat to make it shine.

Elemental Custom Cycles BMW R80 Cafe Racer

The engine got an overhaul with new seals. It was painted black and the cooling rips and some other details were polished. The stock air filter housing was replaced with one of the older models.

The bike got completely stripped down, unneeded brackets were cut off and everything was powder coated. The seals and bearings are all new.

The last detail and the most complex one was the exhaust. There was no silencer that fit our requirements. They made some calculation and designed and build a stainless steel under engine muffler and some exhaust manifolds in house.

The bike is fully street legal. All the modifications are compatible with the German TÜV regulations, which are some of the strictest in the world.

If you like this bike then you can contact them through their instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/elemental_custom_cycles/

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