Giggerl - Futuristic BMW R NineT Build By Blechmann

The Germany's most iconic bike Builder Berhard Naumann who is also referred as Blechmann (Tin Man) needs no introduction. Today we are showing you his latest creation on the BMW R NineT.

This bike shows you the reason why he is referred as the Tin Man. His work is no ordinary. His creation and imagination always led to a Masterpieces. His customization work brings life to the machine just like this beautiful Customised BMW R NineT.

Blechmann has handcrafted the body of this bike, a custom made exhaust, new seats and wheel rim. He used red, grey, black, light and dark blue paint on the bike.

This resulted into a muscular metallic superbike which belongs to the future. He named it "Giggerl" which is south German word for Chicken. 

Source- BMW motorrad

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