Honda SS50 Wild Horse by George Woodman

Today we are featuring a heavily customised Honda SS50 by Sebastien Valliergues (George Woodman). This is called Wild Horse.

Honda SS50 Wild Horse by George Woodman

Why Wild Horse as the bike got a 190cc engine to give maximum power of 22 HP.

For the use on road, Sebastien used new forks from the Custom Yokes and Gas suspension from the Kepspeed. They also got the swing arm from the Kepspeed.

Honda SS50 Wild Horse by George Woodman

He has to work on the frame and modified it. The rear part becomes shorter and the tank's position is set higher. The seat is crafted from the beach wood which is extended as the side panel just like in trackers. New Handlebar is from ID Vintage which gives the perfect tracker style looks. They used 18" wheels on both side. New disc brake is installed on the front tyre.

Honda SS50 Wild Horse by George Woodman

Woodmen installed the square flat beach Wood Frame for the twin small halogen lights on the front. He completely changed the electrical part with new start system and new switch gears on handle bars.

Now he is planning to work on another Honda SS50 which will be for the off-roading purpose only.

If you like this bike then you can contact George Woodman through instagram handle:

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