IL Padrino By Spain's XTR Pepo Redefines Custom Bikes Meaning

Today we are featuring latest creation by Spain's XTR Pepo. Their Build always delighted us. This is IL PADRINO  which is based on Ducati Monster R1200.

IL Padrino By Spain's XTR Pepo

As always, This XTR Pepo design is also inspired by the racing theme. Best part of the bike is the Dual exhaust with dual pipes coming from different directions.

IL Padrino By Spain's XTR Pepo

Here are the Specifications:

  • XTR subframe.
  • XTR Licence plate support.
  • XTR led rear light.
  • XTR led blinkers.
  • Carbon fiber front mudguard.
  • Ohlins fork.
  • Ohlins stearing damper.
  • Ducati Desert sleed handelbar.
  • XTR aluminium hand guard.
  • XTR foldable and regulable levers.
  • Ducati Scrambler front light.
  • XTR light grid.
  • XTR gas tank.
  • XTR dirt track seat.
  • XTR upholstery.
  • Ducabike aluminium cnc machined footrest and footrest support.
  • Ducabike clutch cover kit.
  • RC Racing wáter radiator.
  • Wolfman 2 in 1 exhaust system.
  • Spark Silencers.
  • Ducabike aluminium wáter pump cover.
  • Ducabike rear sprocket carrier.
  • Regina gold chain.
  • XTR carbón fiber swingarm cover.
  • XTR carbón fiber chain cover.
  • XTR alumium sprocket cover.
  • XTR number plate.
  • PINTUMOTO painting.
IL Padrino By Spain's XTR Pepo

If you like this Bike then you can contact the XTR Pepo through their Facebook Handle:

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