Dream Magic 50 by Italian Dream Motorcycles

For many people it’s the Doodle Bug the precursor of the Mini Bike, with its 4 series built in ten thousand units each, at the end of the forties in the United States.

Dream Magic 50 by Italian Dream Motorcycles

All the way for all the 50 years the mini bikes that were seen to be turned, were made by hand, with the most improbable spare parts, for a real marketing you have to wait the 60s. There was a considerable demand in the United States of these unusual vehicles, not only traditional mini-bikes, but also mini chopper, mini three wheels, and mini cars and go-karts, which until then were exclusively handmade, the first with the engines of the mowers as the first minibikes of Arctic-Cat, of Rupp, Taco, Heath, Gilson and Fox. Even the multinational companies are interested in the market, and Honda gives birth to the Z series, which also gives life to the name Pit Bike, because it was used above all in race circuits. The Z series is produced until the late nineties, when it is completely changed in the XR50, which like the Kawasaki KLX110 is designed for smaller riders.

Dream Magic 50 by Italian Dream Motorcycles

In the same years the Suzuki comes with the TR50 Street Magic, a unique Pit Bike, is like a mini motorbike with a scooter engine, with an incredible Design. Italian Dream Motorcycle came up with their intervention of this bike, with which they did not want to distort the original aspect, but rather embellish and enhance the means. The main interventions concern the complete reconstruction of the superstructures the Aluminum, beaten and worked by hand, the complete repainting of the frame, the engine and all the components. The engine used is new. Vera is its own Fun Bike, light and versatile to drive it is pure fun.

Dream Magic 50 by Italian Dream Motorcycle, can realize a child's dream ... no matter what age ...


Model: TR50 Street Magic
Displacement: 50cc
Cylinders: 1
Time: 2
Power: 1.5 kW
Wheels: 12 inches
Gearbox: automatic / variator
Brakes ant: disc
Post brake: drum
Suspensions: hydraulic
Length: mm1640
Width: mm710
Weight: 75kg

Reconstructed components in Aluminum (Peralluman) beaten by hand:
- Tank cover
- Front mudguard
- Rear fender
- Front mask
- Support new LED rear light.

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