Swedish NCCR build Buell XB9R Firebolt Ice Racer

Today we are featuring Buell XB9R Firebolt Ice racer built by the Sweden based motorcycle designer NCCR.

The bike was built in collaboration between NCCR, Buell Racing, SSAB and ME Racing. Bike Frame is provided by SSAB. The factory swing arm and forks are still intact. NCCR used the twin tubular fuel cell with an intergrated fuel pump.

Ice racer got the tyres with 25 mm spikes giving it ability to run on ice smoothly. The engine and the factory race kit kept same. They used two fuel cell each side of the bike for E85 mod which will be used for the use the illegal alcohol in cold winters.

The front headlight got the twin LED with extra strip protection which can save the rider from rampaging truck.

You can contact NCCR through their official website: http://ebutik.nccr.se/nccr-frames/

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